Friday, October 02, 2009

Miserable Irish Taxi Drivers

I've been travelling to Dublin quite regularly over the past few weeks and everytime I get into a taxi I brace myself for the non-stop moaning of the taxi drivers. They usually complain about the number of other taxi drivers that are on the road nowadays, how long they have to wait and how little money they're making. And of course, they blame the foreigners. I used to look forward to chatting to the drivers in Dublin who used to be cheerful chaps. It's not the case any more.

Today one of the taxi driver unions was on strike, blocking the centre of Dublin. Can't imagine it would do their cause any good or that they'll get much sympathy.


Michael Sheehan said...

I agree, miserable lot. I usually hire a car now when I go to Ireland. Cheaper than a taxi and better company!


Tony said...

Apparently a few years ago you couldn't get a taxi in Dublin, so most people I meet don't have much sympathy for themm