Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to Work, Back to Reality

After a final weekend in Tuscany, the laptop's on, I've dusted down my post-it notes and I need to sound sensible in meetings. The biggest challenge over the past few days has been to learn the lyrics to 'Viva La Vida' which we played non-stop on the car's cd. Didn't quite crack it (If I could rule the world...etc, etc) although Mae and Bev are word perfect.

Quite a nice re-entry into the working world. Took a train from Arezzo to Montreaux via Milan and am staying in the very posh Trois Coronnes hotel in Vevey - view over lake Geneva, posh toiletries, fluffy dressing gowns and chocolates on the pillow, etc. Will be here from a few days.

Had a quite kip in my room this evening, dreamt of bruschetta and tagliatelle. Dinner with client in a hour's time. Need to snap out of it....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy August

Have been on holiday for a lot of August and deliberately chose to keep away from my computer as much as possible. Spent a week in Scotland at Glenuig, on the western coast of Scotland. The most beautiful part of the British Isles I've ever visited - lochs, lovely remote islands, mountains. Went seakayaking which was great. Shame about the midges and the unpredictable weather.

Also went to Italy to spend a week in the blistering heat of Tuscany. What a contrast. Our house is looking really nice. Am so pleased with it and feel fortunate to be able to go there.

Now need to get back into work mode which is always tough, but have a got a busy few weeks ahead.